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Computer Science and Engineering Courses
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs(44)
Data Structures (CS-61B: Fall 2006)(39)
Operating Systems and System Programming(23)

Building Dynamic Websites(13)
Introduction to Computer Science I(32)
Understanding Computers and the Internet(9)

Aerospace Engineering - Advanced Control System Design for Aerospace Vehicles(40)
Aerospace Engineering - Foundation of Scientific Computing(40)
Aerospace Engineering - Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion(39)
Aerospace Engineering - Jet Aircraft Propulsion(42)

Biotechnology - BioChemistry I(28)
Biotechnology - Enzyme Science and Engineering(28)
Biotechnology - Thermodynamics(10)

Chemical Engineering - Biochemical Engineering(40)
Chemical Engineering - Chemical Reaction Engineering(40)
Chemical Engineering - Heat Transfer(40)

Chemistry and Biochemistry - Eukaryotic Gene Expression - basics and benefits(40)

Civil - Advanced Structural Analysis(41)
Civil - Building Materials and Construction(41)
Civil - Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures(30)
Civil - Design of Steel Structures(40)
Civil - Engineering Geology(40)
Civil - Environmental Air Pollution(39)
Civil - Fluid Mechanics(42)
Civil - Foundation Engineering(40)
Civil - Hydraulics(40)
Civil - Introduction to Transportation Engineering(41)
Civil - Mechanics of Solids(39)
Civil - Modern Surveying Techniques(12)
Civil - Prestressed Concrete Structures(40)
Civil - Soil Mechanics(57)
Civil - Stochastic Hydrology(40)
Civil - Strength of Materials(40)
Civil - Structural Analysis II(40)
Civil - Surveying(40)
Civil - Transportation Engineering II(40)
Civil - Urban transportation planning(40)
Civil - Water Resources Engineering(29)
Civil - Water and Wastewater Engineering(40)

Computer Sc - Artificial Intelligence-A(40)
Computer Sc - Artificial Intelligence-B(28)
Computer Sc - Compiler Design(50)
Computer Sc - Computer Architecture(38)
Computer Sc - Computer Graphics(43)
Computer Sc - Computer Networks(40)
Computer Sc - Computer Organization(33)
Computer Sc - Data Communication(40)
Computer Sc - Data Structures and Algorithms(36)
Computer Sc - Database Design(42)
Computer Sc - Design & Analysis of Algorithms(34)
Computer Sc - Discrete Structures(40)
Computer Sc - Electronic Design Automation(35)
Computer Sc - High Performance Computing(41)
Computer Sc - Internet Technology(40)
Computer Sc - Introduction to Computer Graphics(35)
Computer Sc - Introduction To Problem Solving & Programming(24)
Computer Sc - Principles of Programming Languages(40)
Computer Sc - Programming and Data Structure(32)
Computer Sc - Real Time Systems(40)
Computer Sc - Software Engineering(39)
Computer Sc - Systems Analysis and Design(40)
Computer Sc - Theory of Automata, Formal Languages and Computation(42)

Core - Applied mechanics(16)
Core - Basic Electronics and Lab(40)
Core - Classical Physics(38)
Core - Concept of Management and Evolution of Management thought(40)
Core - Engineering Chemistry 1(10)
Core - Engineering Mechanics(30)
Core - Engineering Physics II(9)
Core - Human Resource Management-I(22)
Core - Leadership(13)
Core - Management Information System(29)
Core - Management Science I(42)
Core - Materials Science(38)
Core - Mathematics - I(32)
Core - Mathematics - II(38)
Core - Mathematics - III(39)
Core - Numerical Methods and Computation(41)
Core - Physics I - Oscillations and Waves(44)
Core - Quantum Physics(31)
Core - Strategic Management(11)

Electrical - Analog ICs(28)
Electrical - Basic Electrical Technology(40)
Electrical - Chaos, Fractals and Dynamical Systems(40)
Electrical - Circuit Theory(51)
Electrical - Control Engineering-A(47)
Electrical - Control Engineering-B(41)
Electrical - Digital Integrated Circuits(40)
Electrical - Digital Signal Processing(35)
Electrical - Dynamics of Physical Systems(34)
Electrical - Electro Magnetic Fields(42)
Electrical - Embedded Systems(37)
Electrical - Energy Resources and Technology(40)
Electrical - Estimation of Signals and Systems(30)
Electrical - Illlumination Engineering(20)
Electrical - Industrial Automation and Control(40)
Electrical - Industrial Drives - Power Electronics(37)
Electrical - Industrial Instrumentation(40)
Electrical - Intelligent Systems and Control(32)
Electrical - Networks and Systems(50)
Electrical - Networks, Signals and Systems(36)
Electrical - Power Electronics(43)
Electrical - Power System Analysis(40)
Electrical - Power System Dynamics(40)
Electrical - Power Sys Generation Transmission Distribution(35)
Electrical - Power System Operations and Control(35)

Electronics - Adaptive Signal Processing(41)
Electronics - Adv. Digital Signal Processing - Multirate and wavelets(40)
Electronics - Advanced Optical Communication(29)
Electronics - Basic Electronics(38)
Electronics - Broadband Networks(32)
Electronics - Circuits for Analog System Design(40)
Electronics - Communication Engineering(41)
Electronics - Digital Circuits and Systems(40)
Electronics - Digital Communication(32)
Electronics - Digital Computer Organization(28)
Electronics - Digital Image Processing(40)
Electronics - Digital Signal Processing(43)
Electronics - Digital Systems Design(40)
Electronics - Digital Voice and Picture Communication(40)
Electronics - Electronics for Analog Signal Processing - I(38)
Electronics - Electronics for Analog Signal Processing - II(39)
Electronics - High Speed Devices & Circuits(41)
Electronics - Information Theory and Coding(41)
Electronics - MEMS & Microsystems(32)
Electronics - Neural Networks and Applications(37)
Electronics - Probability & Random Processes(40)
Electronics - Solid State Devices(42)
Electronics - Transmission Lines and EM Waves(60)
Electronics - VLSI Circuits(55)
Electronics - VLSI Technology(40)
Electronics - Wireless Communication(38)

Humanities and Social Sciences - Population and Society(40)

Management - Organisation Management(40)
Management - Security Analysis and Portfolio Management(40)
Management - Six Sigma(40)
Management - Strategic Management(37)

Mathematics - Linear programming and Extensions(40)
Mathematics - Probability and Statistics(40)

Mechanical - Advanced Finite Elements Analysis(30)
Mechanical - Advanced Operations Research(39)
Mechanical - Advanced Strength of Materials(40)
Mechanical - Basic Thermodynamics(32)
Mechanical - Computational Fluid Dynamics(43)
Mechanical - Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing(51)
Mechanical - Conduction And Radiation(46)
Mechanical - Design and Optimization of Energy systems(40)
Mechanical - Design of Machine Elements I(40)
Mechanical - Dynamics of Machines(44)
Mechanical - Engineering Fracture Mechanics(41)
Mechanical - Engineering Mechanics(40)
Mechanical - Experimental Stress Analysis(41)
Mechanical - Finite Element Method(38)
Mechanical - Fundamentals of Operations Research(22)
Mechanical - Heat and Mass Transfer(35)
Mechanical - Industrial Engineering(40)
Mechanical - Introduction to Finite Element Method(33)
Mechanical - Kinematics of Machines(39)
Mechanical - Manufacturing Processes - I(40)
Mechanical - Manufacturing Processes II(41)
Mechanical - Mechanical Measurements and Metrology(50)
Mechanical - Mechanical Vibrations(40)
Mechanical - Principles of Mechanical Measurements(26)
Mechanical - Project and Production Management(41)
Mechanical - Refrigeration and Airconditioning(46)
Mechanical - Robotics(40)
Mechanical - Strength of Materials(40)

Metallurgy and Material Science - Advanced Materials and Processes(26)
Metallurgy and Material Science - Fuels Refractory and Furnaces(40)
Metallurgy and Material Science - Materials and Energy balance in Metallurgical Processes(40)
Metallurgy and Material Science - Physics of Materials(40)

Mining - Fundamentals of Environmental Pollution and Control(36)

Ocean - Applied Thermodynamics for Marine Systems(27)
Ocean - Hydrostatics and Stability(40)
Ocean - Marine Construction and Welding(41)
Ocean - Performance of Marine Vehicles At Sea(40)
Ocean - Seakeeping & Manoeuvring(40)
Ocean - Strength and Vibration of Marine Structures(36)

Physics - Quantum Electronics(42)
Physics - Quantum Mechanics and Applications(42)
Physics - Special Topics in Classical Mechanics(15)

Circuits and Electronics(26)
Computer System Engineering(22)
Introduction to Algorithms(23)
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming(24)
Principles of Digital Communication(24)
Principles of Digital Communication II(25)

Computer Science I: Programming Methodology(28)
Computer Science II: Programming Abstractions(27)
Computer Science III: Programming Paradigms(27)
Human-Computer Interaction Seminar(25)
Machine Learning(20)
Introduction to Robotics(16)

Game Theory(24)

Courses from Other Disciplines
Astrobiology and Space Exploration(12) -- Stanford
Introduction to Astrophysics(24) -- Yale

Evolution, Ecology and Behavior(36) -- Yale
General Biology I(42) -- Berkeley
General Biology II(44) -- Berkeley
General Biology Laboratory(15) -- Berkeley
General Human Anatomy(36) -- Berkeley
Introductory Biology with Applications(34) -- MIT
Introduction to Biology with Research Focus -- MIT
Molecular Biology: Macromolecular Synthesis and Cellular Function(26) -- Berkeley

General Chemistry(42) -- Berkeley
Introduction to Solid State Chemistry(33) -- MIT
Organic Chemistry: Structure and Reactivity(26) -- Berkeley
Principles of Chemical Sicence, Normal Track(36) -- MIT
Principles of Chemical Science, Advanced Track(35) -- MIT
Thermodynamics & Kinetics(36) -- MIT

Computational Science and Engineering I(32) -- MIT
Convex Optimization I(19) -- Stanford
Convex Optimization II(18) -- Stanford
Differential Equations(31) -- MIT
Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems(20) -- Stanford
Linear Algebra(35) -- MIT
Math and Probability for Life Sciences(28) -- Stanford
Mathematical Models for Engineers II(29) -- MIT
Multivariable Calculus(40) -- Berkeley
Multivariable Calculus(35) -- MIT
Single Variable Calculus(11) -- MIT
The Fourier Transform and its Applications(30) -- Stanford
Vector Calculus(35) -- UNSW, Sydney

Financial Crises: Roots, Results and Responses(5) -- Princeton
Global Poverty and Social Enterprise, Part I(13) -- Berkeley
Introduction to Copyright Law(4) -- MIT
The World is Flat 3.0(1) -- MIT

Death(26) -- Yale
Introduction to Political Philosophy(24) -- Yale
Justice: What's the Right Thing To Do?(12) -- Harvard

Physics I: Classical Mechanics(35) -- MIT
Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism(36) -- MIT
Physics III: Vibrations and Waves(23) -- MIT

Communication and Conflict in Couples and Families(17) -- UCLA
General Psychology(25) -- Berkeley
Introduction to Psychology(20) -- Yale
Neuroscience Lab(7) -- UCLA