"The simple truth is that when it comes to our bodies, we really do have to use them or lose them. If we let them go waste, we'll wake up one day and realize that even if we want to run, we can't. By not pushing ourselves, we concede to an inevitable decline, a loss of mobility - a future where we become prisoners in our own bodies.

The way to make sure all the internal parts are working is by moving all the external parts. And most important - whether your goal is to run one mile, to complete your first 5-K, or to qualify for the Boston Marathon - understand that your body is a marvelous system and you take the initiative."


2009 ING Marathon: Sunday, Jan 25, 2009 Personal Record

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2010 ING Marathon: Sunday, Jan 31, 2010 Personal Record


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My heartfelt appreciation for the generous contribution of the following donors to raise a total of $1,245 for World Vision's Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund in Jan 2010.

2011 ING Marathon: Sunday, Jan 30, 2011 Personal Record


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I am overwhelmed by the outpouring support of the following friends & family to raise a total of $1,175 for World Vision's Fund for Children in Africa in Jan 2011.

2012 Goofy's Challenge: Results (page 82)

Donald's half marathon: course map Saturday, Jan 7, 2012 Personal Record

Mickey's full marathon: course map Sunday, Jan 8, 2012 Personal Record

2012 ING Half Marathon

Course video Sunday, Jan 29, 2012 Personal Record
2013 ING Half Marathon
Course video Sunday, Jan 27, 2013 Personal Record


Running Log (spreadsheet)


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